OS/2 Linux
0.9.10e (15 May 2022) (zip file, 3.4MB).  pli-0.9.10e.tgz (gzipped tar file, 3.3MB).
--- Previous Three Versions ---
0.9.10d (15 Mar 2021) (zip file, 3.4MB).  pli-0.9.10d.tgz (gzipped tar file, 3.2MB).
0.9.10c (15 Sep, 2020) (zip file, 3.4MB).  pli-0.9.10c.tgz (gzipped tar file, 3.2MB).
0.9.10b (1 Jul, 2019) (zip file, 3.3MB).  pli-0.9.10b.tgz (gzipped tar file, 3.2MB).

Beta version 0.1.5 of the Iron Spring PL/I Preprocessor (ISPP) is downloadable.
This version, updated May 4,2022, contains bug fixes and usability enhancements.
Currently only a Linux version is available. ispp-0.1.5.tgz

The preprocessor readme file is here

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