Iron Spring PL/I Compiler

Programming Guide

Version 1.1.0


PL/I is a powerful programming language suitable for a wide range of problems. PL/I has been used to write operating systems and compilers, simulations, real-time programs, mathematical software, spreadsheets, GUI programs, and for general computing.

PL/I is widely used on mainframes and midrange systems today, but since the demise of Digital Research, Inc. has not been easily available on personal computers. Iron Spring Software was founded in 2007 with the intention of bringing the flexibility, reliability, and portability, and security of PL/I to a wider market.

Iron Spring PL/I is the leading cross-platform PL/I compiler supporting both Linux and OS/2. Both native and cross-compilation are supported.

This version of Iron Spring PL/I is still missing some features of full PL/I. The section Restrictions lists many of the missing features.